1 Year Anniversary = Carrot Cakes!

Hello everyone! Today is a really special day for me annnnd I wanted to share... Today marks 1 year of being V E G A N!! What better way to celebrate than with my favorite cake!! This is a really great accomplishment for myself because I had initially thought of doing it for a few … Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary = Carrot Cakes!


Moist Banana Muffins

Banana bread muffins. I  had been craving muffins since we came back from our Costco trip a few weeks ago. I had taken matters into my own hands to create greatness! One day I was looking at a few non vegan recipes just to get a base for banana bread when I found Cookie + Kate's website. … Continue reading Moist Banana Muffins

Mexican Made Hummus Wraps

I haven't made many lettuce wraps in my lifetime, I really can't think of how many I've made. These are probably my first ones... Any who, yesterday my husband and I were roaming around Costco looking at all of the gloriousness that wholesale warehouse has to offer and we stumbled upon HUMMUS!! Aside from a … Continue reading Mexican Made Hummus Wraps